Our View on Sustainability

Initiatives for Positive Change -
For a Better Tomorrow

At ferm LIVING, we proactively work to get sustainability into the core of our business. We do it because we believe in it and feel it is part of our responsibility. As a design-driven company, we want to continuously take accountability for the impact of our business, and we want to do our part to help move it in a better direction – both for people and for the environment. We believe that investing in sustainable, responsible practices should also be good business. We’re designing not only for today, but for the future, where sustainable action will become even more vital.

We know that we are not perfect, and we take a holistic and humble approach to sustainability. Becoming more sustainable is an ongoing journey, and we want to do better, collection by collection. The more we grow, the more responsibility rests on our shoulders. When ferm LIVING was founded in 2006 with just 10 wallpaper designs, it was with FSC™-certified wallpaper, and today we have a large and broad portfolio where ~20% of our products are made with sustainable materials.



We want to inspire people to live a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle, and it is our ambition to grow the percentage of sustainable materials across all product categories with every new collection. We do so by integrating sustainable thinking already in the design phase, where the first important choices for a product are made. Wherever possible, we employ sustainable criteria for new products, and take a ‘cradle to grave’ approach, where we consider the product’s entire lifecycle.

Our goal of becoming more responsible and sustainable is a proactive process. Throughout our business, we work within a set framework of practices, and we are aware that it is in our production and logistics we can make the biggest difference when it comes to impact. We are continually improving the way we work in order to reach our goals, and they span throughout all the different parts of our business: from the design phase and our company culture, to our production and how we deliver our products to our customer’s doorstep.